​Tae Nakayama / Nitgram
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​Tae Nakayama / Nitgram


¥3,000 税込


​Tae Nakayama / Nitgram -- Photo Book. Soft Cover, Color, W275㎜×H298㎜, P30, 2015 -- *VABF期間にご購入くださった方は日本国内の送料は無料とさせていただきます。 *For international customers outside of Japan, please contact us via email at assignments.tokyo@gmail.com, and we will make arrangements for the international shipping of your purchase. -- (Nit : 輝度を表す単位) 日常にひそむ光の陰影が描く模様を収拾した写真集 (Nit (n): A unit that expresses brightness) A Photobook of a collection of patterns drawn by the shadows of light, hidden in our daily life. Tae Nakayama http://okuloidea.com/